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計劃: Programs

Picture Books on Chinese Medicine Culture

Chinese medicine is part of Chinese culture. Life and health are closely related. Let it begin with education, so that young people and the world will know and accept Chinese medicine.


Health Kids Drawing Contest

(in preparation)

Drawing contest encourages children to build up and express their thinking and visions on healthy life.


Master Herbalist Junior

Start with happy learning and game education, catch the growth, create a good atmosphere at home and in school. Sow the seeds of healthy culture for the new generation.


i-Herbal Garden

Education focuses on learning, practicing and communication; Learning focuses on issue, exploration and experience.

Project connects green schools, herbal gardens and exhibitions closely.

Picture Books on Chinese
Medicinal Culture
- Series Two

Rainie wanders the cultural space of Chinese Medicine again.

Find, learn and comprehend,

Hold a basket full of fun experience.

Shuttle to schools, has a healthy daily life in childlike.


TCM Lesson in School

Student‘s understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine cultural knowledge is not to learn specialized knowledge. But a start of thinking and understanding of life and disease through pictures, stories and games about TCM.

Medicinal Culture for Children
Study Tours

Step out of the Classroom

Contact Chinese Medicine life culture

Combining Nature and Science

Facing a broader learning sky

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