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  • Become Master Herbalist Junior/

    We selected some interesting activities to schools. Those who have missed the exhibition can learn about Chinese medicine culture in the interaction of school visits. But the time of school visits is limited. And we adhere to the aim of happy learning.

  • Picture Books Project II/

    Culture The warmth feeling in heart is the kindness of the doctor Two picture books will be sent to the school And our school visit tour will officially start at the same time.

  • Picture Books Project /

    We will be sending the books to the schools and the kindergartens. We are preparing school visits.

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  • PROJECT5 | Chinese Cultural Communication Foundation

    of Chinese Medicine again Find, learn and comprehend Hold a basket full of fun experience Shuttle to schools life in childlike The first series of picture books received good responses and positive comments from school The new serial project comprises Picture Books , School Visits and Fun Day . New Extent. Going hand in hand with online learning resources, school visits will mix stories, knowledge, games and School visits will be launched tentatively from April to June 2022. Quota of schools is 10.

  • i-Herbal Garden | CCCFoundation

    CCCF will produce a Virtual Tour for each school’s herbal garden. Sharing. Learning First, the Chinese medicine practitioners and the horticulturists will conduct school visits The participating schools will plant trees, climbing plants and herbs in their gardens. It connects green schools, herbal gardens and exhibitions closely. The Project will enable primary school students to learn Chinese medicine through online and offline.

  • TCM Lesson in School | CCCFoundation

    Chinese Medicine Culture for Children TCM Lesson in School Student‘s understanding of Traditional Chinese young Chinese medicine practitioners is not our purpose of promoting Chinese Medicine Culture into schools

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